Sunday, June 22, 2008

5th day..still 2nd week…

h0nestly..t0day is d m0st BORING n STRESSED day.i think all 0f us ‘hate’ t0day activity.n0 cheer,n0t much laugh n smile even am0ng us f0r t0day.everyb0dy is stress as we hav t0 think again b0ut 0ur pr0ject.m0st 0f d gr0up hav quarrel n misunderst0od am0ng d gr0up was really really hard.we hav t0 c0mplete d pr0ject by Wednesday.we were given high expectati0n by d c0ordinat0r t0 c0me 0ut wif 0utstanding’s hard.wif limit time c0nstraint,budget,expert..n u kn0w rite..n0t all 0f us has same engineering backgr0und.d pr0jects are expected t0 relate wif pr0gramming..=[ we were 0nly exp0sed b0ut it f0r 2 days n n0w we’ve t0 struggle f0r it.n0t everyb0dy like it n f0r EE students..we hav t0 face d gr0up members wh0 are n0t at all interested with pr0gramming,n EE stuffs.f0r mech students..n0t everyb0dy like machine..

everything seems n0t t0 b right t0day.even simple thing can bring t0 misunderst0od..simple j0kes can hurt 0ther pe0ple.everyb0dy stress..bad day..

4th day!!!week..?2nd la!!hehe

bf0re went t0 p0lice stati0n t0 l0dge rp0rt f0r d l0st..hehe I attend d sessi0n wif :mrs jin: in envir0nment awareness sessi0n.we were given a white t-shirt 0ne each..n we hav t0 dsign anything t0 pr0m0te t0 d w0ld h0w we can save d Earth!

We can use water c0l0ur,c0tt0n marker pen,glitter..hehe felt like kindergarten kids!!my tshirt design is..fr0nt,,I wr0te kind 0f lyric..

Hey hey y0u y0u!
Save d earth my dear fren!
N0 way n0 way 0pen burning..rubbish everywhere!
Hey hey y0u y0u!
Lets stand t0gether!
Make d Earth SMILE n0t CRY

N at d back

N signature s0me 0f my frens..=D

Hehe there were 4 winners!

KK-there’s a w0rld map..bf0re d map is full n l0ok beautiful but after which will happen if we d Earth is n0t well care by d pe0ple..s0me 0f d part might disappeared.=(

Asma-a picture 0f Earth n s0me stick pictures 0f kids writer ‘we d0 n0t inherit d Earth fr0m d ancesst0r,we b0rr0w it fr0m d children’.very meaningful..i l0ve it!

Bibi-written ‘aku bukan pengkhianat alam sekitar’ meaning ‘I’m n0t a nature betrayer’.very 0utsp0ken!

Al-f0uti as d 0ne n 0nly guy!haha but I d0nt have chance t0 see his dsign as I went 0ut.

After lunch..we hav a sessi0n wif :mrs suya: Busking sessi0n.d0 u kn0w what is busking??a simple science minish0w especially f0r d kids,students.we hav t0 practice 0ur presentati0n skill,using good b0dy language n brief explainati0n wif suitable term.we were given tw0 stuffs..different f0r each gr0up.there were flags,t0y hand clapper,marbles,ball0ons,gl0w in d dark t0y,ISS n space ship m0del.

I really admired wif d gr0up wh0 busking b0ut mables n ball0ons.they explained n0t 0nly b0ut d materials but als0 in industry n c0nstructi0n applicati0n b0ut th0se stuffs.f0r example marbles,basically we 0nly th0ught it can 0nly be used f0r games..but actually d applicati0n which it can r0tate..we can applied it f0r shear.f0r example at sky d end 0f it,there are shear where t0 av0id d building crack if d bridge c0llide d building during d building sway bc0z 0f wind. they are really creative n alert n critical thinker even th0se stuffs lo0k very simple n easy. I sh0uld built th0se minded. thanks guys!!

3rd day 2nd week!!!

0il n gas sessi0n???emm dis must b s0mething seri0us guys…

d fes thing captured by me n s0me 0f my fren rect0r ke??hahaha!0ur speaker:mr yuzaimee: l0oks similar t0 0ur bl0ved rect0r!his l0ok,d way he walk..really l0ok like :dr zainal: hehe but 0f c0urse..0ur rect0r m0re relax n c0ol guy..

:mr yuzaimee: shared a l0t b0ut his useful experience in petr0leum:h0w w0rk 0ffsh0re,0nsh0re…yupp it’s l0oks scary t0 me when heard he said dat d petr0leum areas are usually at 70m sea level n even 500m!!!!frankly speaking..i’m ph0bia wif sea..i d0nt kn0w why..especially when see d ptetr0leum area..d sea is dark rite…eiii…

0key let me share wif u..if we gain 0ffsh0re petr0leum..30% is water!if we d0 d drilling..d tube will b in sequence fr0m big n smaller n smaller until it reach d 0il.initially,we put d big tube n cement d 0utside area 0f d tube,then we put smaller tube thr0ugh it..we cement it..n put smaller tube..n s0 0n.d reas0n why we d0 d cementing is t0 make sure kind 0f land slide happen.

2nd day..2nd week maa!

Uwaaa I’ve l0st my card h0lder!all my cards;IC,ATM card n drving lisence!ad0ih.. =( it’s very danger0us..s0me m0re I’ve l0st them in KLCC.pe0ple might sell d IC 0r use my ATM card.i’ve t0 b m0re careful.

0kie d0kie..this m0rning we went t0 Forest Institute 0f Malaysia (FRIM).we went f0r jungle trekking.we gathered at KLCC earlier t0day..which supp0sed t0 b 7.45 hahaha but…m0st 0f us 0nly arrived ar0und 8.15..aiy0..but n0t me n s0me 0f the girls n d 2 camb0dian guys..we’re early bird maa..arrived ar0und 7.50am..hehe.

I’m n0t feeling very well at d beginning..may b bc0z I’m n0t used wif bus c0nditi0n..i felt dizzy.haha in is n0t just d f0rest n 0ffices..but there are als0 sch0ols n residential area!we gathered first while waiting f0r 0ur instruct0r..:mr azmi:

Hehe he’s a nice guy!!very funny,inf0rmative n frenly.he was an acc0untant but bc0z he l0ve dis field..he further study n bc0me ‘f0rest man’.hehe.0ne imp0rtant tip dat he t0ld us while we’re in d f0rest..d0nt take picture unless he ready..hahaha!aiya..f0r sure he will b d m0st glam0ur instuct0r as he’s there f0r every picture.=P

W0w amazing..we saw many type 0f fl0ra:kacip fatimah,t0ngkat ali,0ne 0f the biggest bamb0o in w0rld,tree which its rubber used t0 make bubble gum..n many m0re.we als0 experienced walking 0n d can0py..hehe great!we can even saw KLCC n KL t0wer fr0m up there!even it was very very very tiring..but after we saw all th0se amazing n w0nderful fl0ra n scenery..we can see smile 0n everyb0dy’s face =D

We dismissed early t0day..yuhuuu!!!ar0und 4pm…hahahah yipeee!!j0m balik tid0!

It’s m0nday again!!!

I c0uldn’t slept very well bc0z there’s a l0t 0f m0squit0es in d z0ne!uwaaa…!0key..hehe n0 green shirt’s f0rmal shirt!we hav a l0t 0f excitement t0day!we d0 batik canting!!!!!!such a w0nderful experience wif :pn.ayu:!I think it was d first time f0r m0st 0f us!yeah we did d design..hehe jes c0py fr0m d example..then waxing,c0l0uring,drying n framing.great!hahhahaha we can see a l0t 0f c0l0urful dsign!I ch0se butterfly..=) hehe I’m butterflyh0lic actually..=D kui3.hahaha even I’m sure there’s n0 0ne want t0 buy my batik..=P n even d guys kept making j0king wif me..they said I’m sl0w,n0t creative..daa talk t0 d hand!haha it was great!we hav a l0t 0f fun!well…d greatest was..we save d budget f0r lunch!haha!there was ‘makan percuma’!haha!

N lastly we hav a talk b0ut d art 0f prsentati0n.d speaker is actually was a physic teacher!huhu n n0w :pn n0raini: bc0me specialist b0ut prsentati0n.learnt a l0t fr0m her 0n h0w t0 present interactively+interestingly.=D

Final day f0r fes week!

Huhu pr0gramming again??hehe but t0day was n0t as much as yesterday =P.we discussed 0n h0w t0 0verc0me energy pr0blem and each gr0up came 0ut wif their 0wn gr0up did d pr0gramming f0r magnetic encl0sure f0r rain water has t0 cl0se aut0matically when the water level is max.

Huhu it’s Friday!n0thing’s just dat we hav t0 gather at 2.30pm..hehe 30 minutes extra than usual.hahaha I was late!there were als0 s0me 0f them late als0.s0 there was a punishment fr0m kak intan.0ur facilitat0r.huhuhu d great thing f0r t0day sessi0n is..there’s a hi-tea sessi0n.yeah free f0od&drink!haha!’s a farewell party f0r hands0me+c0ol+smart American guy..:mr jami: hehe.he will g0 ‘balik kmpung’ f0r 3 weeks bc0z his m0ther will have knee 0perati0n.s0..s0b2 =’( we’re n0t g0ing t0 meet him again..hehe but it’s 0key bc0z :mr jami: already achieved his g0al which was…he wished t0 rmember 0ur name!he alm0st did it!!hehe!n 0ur punishment was..t0 d0 perf0rmance f0r d farewell..=p hehe we did ‘kunji2 chacha’!bsides farewell f0r :mr jami:,,we als0 clbrated :Q & Afthab: birthday!!!!b0th 0f tem turned 0n 23 0n 10th june..hehe getting 0lder aa th0se baia!

Thirst-day..hehe Thursday!4th day maa..

Uwaaa…m0st tired day s0 far…uwaaaa =( 0key..u see guys..i’ve jes finished my finals b0ut 2 weeks..n dis week f0r science c0mm..i’ve t0 d0 d micr0pr0cess0r stuffs!!!supp0sed t0 be enj0yful+relax sem hu hu..=P but d s0ftware dat we’re using f0r 0ur pr0gramming sessi0n wif :mr saiful: is m0re attractive than wut I used f0r micropr0cess0r c0urse.hehe!it’s graphical..we d0n’t hav t0 d0 d length w0rdy pr0gram guys..jes d fl0wchart!it’s called C0RECHART.

We d0 quite numbers 0f simple pr0blems..but it was challenging als0 bc0z n0t every0ne in d gr0up has d backgr0und in dis EE stuffs..yaa even there’s s0me 0f them d0nt even kn0w wut is LED…alrite..d0nt under estimate pe0ple..we are n0t in d same pr0gram rite..haha may b we are m0re blurr if talking b0ut their stuffs.hihihi!s0..we hav t0 be really patient t0 let everyb0dy inv0lved in d sessi0n.they might easily get b0red n it takes time t0 understand even f0r th0se wh0 have EE bakgr0und since it’s a new thing.

Dis sessi0n actually a preparati0n f0r us t0 acc0mplished d missi0n..hehe t0 pr0ve dat UTPian can create@inn0vate a pr0duct t0 0verc0me d energy matter.hehe 0ur mini pr0ject will be displayed in d Petr0sains.huhu!g0nna b great!

S0 here we g0!sacrificing the h0lidays wif kind 0f lecture stuffs!haha!